Work on Consolidation in 2019 – Call for Papers and Funding for Data Collection

Following the launch of the Global Internet Report 2019: Consolidation in the Internet Economy on 26 February, we wanted to follow up with some information about the work we will be doing in this area in 2019. Those of you who have had a chance to look at the report know its conclusion: we need to learn more.
This is where our focus will be in 2019 – to learn more about consolidation and how it might impact the Internet’s technical evolution and use.
To this end, we are collaborating with Chatham House on a special issue of the Journal of Cyber Policy on the topic of consolidation. The goal is to encourage in-depth and interdisciplinary research related to the outcome questions of the Global Internet Report. This special issue will be published in Q1 of 2020, but the call for papers has been launched and is available here: 2019 Consolidation Call for Papers
The deadline for abstracts is 1 April. We encourage those who have an idea for a research article to submit an abstract per the instructions. We are looking for contributions from a broad range of disciplines, as well as diverse regional perspectives. We would also greatly appreciate your help in circulating this call for papers with authors you think might be interested.
In addition, this year we are also offering funding for data collection on the topic of consolidation. The issue of data proved to be one of the biggest hurdles as we were working on the Global Internet Report, and therefore we want to encourage interested parties to help with the creation of relevant data sets. This data will then be made openly available and we hope it will encourage even more research. For more information about this opportunity and how to apply, please visit:
Finally, during 2019 we will also ask for your input and support in advancing our understanding of consolidation. More information will be available soon, but if you have thoughts, comments on the Global Internet Report, suggestions for research, or other input, please email
We look forward to hearing from you!